Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

Your privacy is important to me so I have chosen not to save any cookies which may be generated by visiting my site. My website uses "Let's Encrypt SSL Support" to secure any information passing through the website.

Under the new data regulations, you have the right to withhold any information. However, in order to work with you I will need to record some personal details which I will request in response to your initial contact. I will not be sharing these with anyone else, except in very unusual circumstances where I might share them with my professional supervisor who is also a counsellor. If you are concerned about this please do ask me about it.

I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (Registration Number: ZA484782) and have created record-keeping policies in line with both GDPR regulation and BACP guidance. These policies will be outlined during an initial meeting.

Confidentiality is a key part of counselling. However, there are some limits to this which are in place to provide protection and comply with the law. For example, if I am concerned for someone's safety I may have to report this to the relevant authorities. These policies will be explained in more detail during an initial meeting, and I am happy to discuss them further with you.