What is Counselling?

Counselling can be a transformative experience. It may give you the courage to make significant changes to your life or the confidence to overcome things you feel have been holding you back. Alternatively, it may simply be a place in which you can be with your suffering and release some of the distress you keep hidden during everyday life.

Counselling is a professional relationship fashioned to put the client's wellbeing at its heart. The idea of "growth" will fit for some clients, others will prefer to think of "progress", "healing" or "acceptance". The aim is to open up new space for positive change to take place in your life.

Forming a healthy working partnership is key to all therapy - I believe that the most positive change will occur where both client and counsellor are actively engaging in the process together. In my experience, it is the relationship that both holds and creates the therapy. I will always try to be myself with you and to form a meaningful connection with you. Equally, I rely on my clients to make active use of the therapy and commit to a willingness to change.

Each client will seek counselling for different reasons, and the benefits will also vary from client to client. It can offer a space that is set apart in which you may choose to explore aspects of yourself that are private from the wider world. It could be that the freedom to speak openly to someone eases the burden that you are carrying. Merely the act of creating some breathing space for yourself may allow you to function better during the rest of your week.